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[Foreigner] /tshop function

Kaeliv | 질문 | 조회 수 345 | 2023.05.29. 03:13

hello! Can someone translate the /tshop functions to English? I tried translating it using online translators but it showed weird translations or mistranslations, thanks!

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파스냥 at 2023.05.29. 07:23

1.tag - if you buy, can use tag
!tag - set your tag 
!tgc - set tag color


2.anime voice - If you buy and use it, you can use the animation voice as the radio 


3.Source 1.6 voice - It's the same as number 2


Animation voice and source voice cannot be used at the same time.

돌가피 at 2023.05.29. 20:04

I don't know there was no translations for tshop.
I gonna update it..

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Kaeliv at 2023.05.31. 04:37